Living From the Heart

Discovery 1: It is well documented that the human heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the body, nearly 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. This field creates a doughnut-shaped pattern that extends well beyond the physical body and has been measure at distances of five to eight feet from the physical heart. Data suggest that this field may be so large that we end up measuring it in miles; however, it is beyond the scope of the equipment used to detect such fields.
Implication: The heart’s magnetic field responds to the quality of emotion that we create in our lives. Just as the intuitive link between feelings and the body seems to suggest, positive emotions increase the physical balance of hormones and heart rhythms, as well as mental clarity and productivity. Just as intuitively, studies show that negative emotions can influence as many as 1,400 biochemical changes in the body that include hormonal imbalance, heart-rhythm chaos, mental “fogginess” and poor performance.

Discovery 2: Certain layers of Earth’s atmosphere, along with the earth itself, generate what is now being called a “symphony” of frequencies (between .01 and 300 hertz), some of which overlap the same ones created by the heart in its communication with the brain. It’s this apparently ancient and almost holistic relationship between the human heart and the shield that makes life possible on Earth that has led to a beautiful theory and the project exploring it. In the words of HeartMath researchers, the relationship between the human heart and Earth’s magnetic field suggest that “strong collective emotion has a measureable impact on the earth’s geomagnetic field”.
Implication: If we can learn the language of the heart – the same one that Earth’s protective magnetic shield recognises and responds to – then we can participate in the effects that the field has upon all life. This is where such a futuristic sounding relationship becomes even more exciting. Changes in the magnetic fields that we access through our hearts have been associated with shifts that include the activity of the brain and nervous system, memory and athletic performance; the ability of plants to create vital nutrients; human mortality from heart conditions; and the numbers of reported cases of depression and suicide, among others.

These two discoveries have opened the door to a new era of understanding our relations with the earth. From their revelations the question has shifted from Is there an effect between collective emotion and the earth? to Why not? If a large enough portion of the Earth’s population were to focus the strongest magnetic field of the human body upon one emotion in the same period of time, it makes tremendous sense that such a focus would affect the portion of the planet that operates in the same range of frequencies as the emotions.

The relationship is clear: A change in the way we feel about ourselves and our world has the potential to affect the world itself. If the change is a positive one, then the effect of the emotions that result should be positive as well. Such a change is known to create coherence between the heart and the brain, and it now appears that the effect extends into the fields that support life on our planet.

Gregg Braden
“The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age – Understanding Fractal Time”