31st December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”474″ size=”large” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”] But wherever we are, we must all, in our daily lives, live up to the age-old faith that peace and freedom walk together. In too many of our cities today, the peace is not secure because freedom is incomplete. John F. Kennedy Permanent Prayer for Peace

30th December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”473″ size=”large” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”] Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of torture inflicted on a prisoner of conscience. It does not comfort those who have lost their loved ones inContinue reading “30th December 2011”

29th December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”472″ size=”large” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”] Something wonderful begins to happen with the simple realization that life, like an automobile, is driven from the inside out, not the other way around. As you focus more on becoming more peaceful with where you are, rather than focusing on where you would rather be, you beginContinue reading “29th December 2011”

28th December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”471″ size=”large” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”] All things happen in their proper time. Everything in life happens in the time allocated for it. Don’t waste energy worrying about end results. Worrying only distracts you from living day to day and enjoying life. James Van Praagh Permanent Prayer for Peace

25th December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”468″ size=”large” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”] The first beneficiary of compassion is always oneself. When compassion, or warmheartedness, arises in us and our focus shifts away from our own narrow self-interest, it is as if we open an inner door. It reduces fear, boosts confidence and brings us inner strength. By reducing distrust, itContinue reading “25th December 2011”

23rd December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”466″ size=”large” columns=”1″ order=”user” position=”center”] Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Permanent Prayer for Peace

22nd December 2011

[shashin type=”photo” id=”465″ size=”large” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”] In times of quietness, our hearts should be like a tree, lifting their branches to heaven to draw down strength which they will need to face the storms that will surely come in life. Salesians of Don Bosco Permanent Prayer for Peace